postheadericon Will Websites Selling Fake GHD Hair Straighteners Normally Be About?

Cheap GHDs has managed in just a few quite shorter years (2001) to turn into a large global brand. They have a good reputation amongst hairdressing professionals and customers, who just want great looking straight hair. They do however suffer from a single major problem – counterfeiters copying and selling these fakes online. So I ask the question – will these fake ghd websites ever go away? The last time I checked Google, which was about 30 minutes ago, because I am on it all the time, there were 5 websites selling fake ghds on the very first web page for the keyword “ghd“. This is not a very good situation, for ghd, consumer and genuine retailer. It is actually damaging the ghd model, genuine retailers are missing out on sales and consumer close up buying poor high-quality hair straighteners that might be dangerous to use.

In some cases I have heard from people who have stayed they severely burned there hair, and is a worst case case in point they caught on fire. This is not a recent phenomenon, for years factories have been producing fake goods, especially designer clothes. The invention of the world-wide-web is a dream for these faker. No loner do they have to sell there fake items on markets. They can hide behind computer screens and try and rip persons off. If they employ a half decent internet designer, they also can get a truly professionally looking internet site made, so it looks like there items are genuine and that they are a trustworthy business to buy from.Its not just ghd hair straighteners that are getting faked.

Another well known company that is suffering is Ugg Australia, if you type in Ugg Boots the initially 3 or 4 pages are packed with fake websites selling these boots. Uggs are however trying hard to fight this and regularly ask Google to remove theses in the search engine results. A problem with this is the fact that they just go and set up another 1 definitely quickly. So maybe this is something ghd could try and do a little far more from the future.Well, will we every get rid of websites promoting fake ghd hair straighteners O definitely don’t know, I hope so, but it really is hard to tell correct now.

Maybe internet site domain name sellers, should have a brand name name restriction put in place, so persons can’t obtain a GHDs UK type domain name. I suppose all buyer can do is be extremely careful and make sure you only purchase from a approved ghd net retailer. I myself run a ghd rate comparison web-site, and trust me I only contain approved and official ghd retailers on my internet site. You’ll be able to check out it by following the links in my author bio. Anyway, this is where I sign off, happy shopping of your looking for ghd styler, just make certain you invest in genuine ghds and not fake ones.

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