postheadericon Make your own zippers

Zippers are the most popular way to make closures, in spite of their reputation for having really bad timing for break downs. Can you imagine trying to button up your tent? In any case, for team or corporate jackets, there will be a need to go find a reliable wholesaler to supply your zippers. When this happens, your best bet will be They have a wide selection of various styles and colors.

They also let you buy zippers by the yard. What this means is that you buy the chain separately, and then you are able to make your own zippers to the length that suits you. Zippershipper sells the ends and sliders as well, so they can be a one-stop shop for buying zippers by the yard.

Zippershipper also offers a custom zipper service. These can be ordered in batches of 100, and will be delivered to you in three to four weeks.

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