postheadericon Buying Jewellery As A Gift – Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

We all know diamond rings are a girls best friend so what better way to show your love (and get into her good books) than by buying your lady that special piece of jewellery.

So how do I choose something that she will adore and get me into her good books?
Sometimes even the simplest of decisions can often become the most difficult ones to make. Like choosing that special piece of jewellery for that very special someone in your life.

Allow me to take some of the pressure off you and take some advice from a man who knows. (25 years marriage to the same woman and still counting!)

For women it’s often the case that they want something unique, extraordinary, a piece that they know won’t be at a party worn by a friend.
As a woman they want to feel special and that they are worth the effort, that you know their hearts and minds and by giving them that unique piece of jewellery that everyone else loves and only they have. Trust me the choice you make in your ladies present will say so much to her and of course you want to say all the right things with this amazing gift.

It could be a stunning solitaire diamond ring, an exquisite sapphire and diamond necklace with matching bracelet. A bespoke piece may well be the answer. Whatever your choice it simply has to say my darling I love you and appreciate you.

A beautiful piece of jewellery will make your loved one understand exactly how important you think they are and will tell your special someone just how much you love them.

The time and effort taken to choose the jewellery is nothing compared to the appreciation you will receive because she will simply adore it and fall in love with that gift time and time again, happy in the knowledge that every other woman will want it and only your lady has it.

So how do you make sure you choose the right piece of jewellery?

Chances are if you pay attention to anything she has to say then she has probably already told you! Listen to you loved one, women in my experience have this annoying habit of ‘hinting’ (nagging) at men until they succumb to the inevitable and take the hint! However men have an inbuilt defense mechanism which enables the m to turn the volume down on a woman’s nagging whilst they are still able to nod and grunt convincingly to give the appearance of paying attention! Well trust me guys occasionally it is quicker and less painful in the long run just to pin those ears back and listen to you gal as she will get her own way eventually anyway – listen to what she has to say and buy her what she wants!

Another tactic I use when figuring out what jewellery to buy is ask her mum, a good relationship with your mother in law can pay dividends. Obviously it is always better to build such relationships with in laws ‘long distance’ but never the less still a useful tactic!

Another often underrated tactic is to have a look in her jewellery box! What is in there that she never wears? Guess what don’t buy anything like that again!! Stick to what she is wearing and get her something similar or complimentary.

If none of these methods work then how about this one, ask her what she wants!

I have always found that saying it with jewellery is far more rewarding than saying it with flowers! Your lady would much rather have a nice Diamond Ring than a bunch of flowers that will be in the bin in about a week.
After 25 years of happy marriage I believe that spending my hard earned cash on my special lady with a nice piece of jewellery is the way to go for anniversaries, birthdays etc.

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