postheadericon Breathable Sports Bra for Pilates Class

First-time female Pilates performers often get confused of what to wear in their Pilates class. The answer is simple: wear something comfortable with body-hugging absorbent material that allows you and your skin to breathe better. Breathable sports bra sounds like the perfect candidate for this.

As with any other type of sports outfits, comfort is key in Pilates. Without comfort, one will be too busy worrying about their outfit than concentrating on their Pilates disciplines. Too tight top makes it hard to breathe while too baggy one gives a possible embarrassing moment when doing an upside-down pose. The latter can also get in the way in some of the movements in Pilates. So pick something that fits to the body without being too tight. A sports bra is good for that.

But not any sports bra qualifies to be an ideal wear for Pilates. Although it is a low impact type of sport, people do sweat when practicing it. The longer the sweat lingers on your skin, the more uncomfortable it will make you. Furthermore, if you are one of those who perspires extensively, this moisture will build up inside your bra cup and create a collection of sweat that – if not dried quickly – can lead to annoying rashes and breast acne. Therefore, make sure your sports bra is breathable. A breathable sports bra is made of moisture-wicking fabric and has patented ventilated pads that allow better in-and-out air circulation. In result, it dries perspiration more quickly than the normal bra pads.

Another aspect to bear in mind when choosing garments for Pilates is support. Although Pilates does not encourage harsh movements that make breasts bounce and swing, the breasts still need better support as movements will be directional. A sports bra gives more confidence to the wearer because it keeps the breasts in place.

Although most of the time wearing breathable sports bra for your top alone is enough, some Pilates studios are cooler in temperature. Always take with you a light sweater to your class. When you feel it is too cool for your body and it makes you uncomfortable, throw it on top of your sports bra in the beginning of the session. As soon you feel your blood flowing, you will feel warmer and you can take off the sweater.

Remember, one of the principles behind Pilates is concentration and control. When you are too busy worrying about your clothes, this discipline cannot be performed well as you will not be able to concentrate on your body as you should, leave alone control it. So wearing a breathable sports bra as your top is a logical solution to make sure that your mind is free from any worries.

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