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For you who love fashion, back to retro for somehow reasons, it gives us some inspiration and ideas. You can make retro fashion from 60s fashion, 70s fashion, and so on where it gives classic impression and make vintage fashion. You can create your classic fashion by inspirit from fashion trends in the decade. There are many fashion trends that offers you touch of classic but still modern. Check the inspiration in where is the latest mode fashion is presented for you.  For this 2014 summers collection, they present the retro 60s fashion trend style.

Look at their men collection of spring-summer 60s style. The 60s fashion style is dominated with tidy and cut in short cut long pant. As you see in the catalogue post, the collection is especially with shirt and coat which combine with the pants that have short cut. The flowering is not left behind with the fashion style. The blue navy short pants combine with flowered coat and for the inner, shirt with same color with the coat.  Complete the collection with hat and shoes. For you who want to look more masculine, try for combine the horizontal line sweater that has scarf that made from equal materials and pattern with sweater.

Go back to the glory of 60s trends were disco music and rap become popular and growth. Feel the free inspiration from the 60s fashion that bring you colorful and happiness. It is decade for flowering designs and colorful. A brown squared coat line that paired with white western style shirt and tie, for the pants, choose green short pant. Love jeans made? Take a look at the jeans set cloth that made with unique designs.  Bring happiness from flowering spring to the warm summer styles.  The Garven is your one and only fashion magazine that provide you with the latest news from fashion, celebrities and trends style.

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